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The Project

In order to more fully support Church of Our Saviour’s mission and ministry as well as Care for Friends’ services, the new building will replace our existing parish hall with a three-story building. The new building will connect to our historic sanctuary while leaving our 150-year-old worship space unaltered.

Center Drone.jpg

New building meets alley in same place as current parish hall

New building is same height as current parish hall


Today, the main worship space and the parish hall are two separate buildings, and the levels between them are not aligned with one another. The pews in the sanctuary are just a few steps up from street level, while the main parish hall space is a full flight of steps up, and the classrooms a half flight down from street level.

As a result, moving between the buildings requires a lot of going up and down stairs, along with use of an add-on chair lift in the sanctuary and a "temporary" aluminum ramp that has been on the front of the building for over a decade.

The lower level of the new building will be six feet lower than our current parish hall. This will allow for full ceiling heights downstairs, and for the main floor of the new building to be level with the pews in the sanctuary. This will eliminate the need for a chair lift when accessing community space from the sanctuary.


The new building will also have an elevator that will provide access to all three levels of the building.

The Main Level

The main entrance of the new building will be at ground level, eliminating the need for a ramp


The main level of the building consists of a flexible gathering space that can accommodate a variety of programmatic needs. In addition to weekly Coffee Hours and other parish activities, the space will also be suitable for wedding receptions, graduation parties, and other income-generating rental opportunities.


There will also be a small conference room on this level for small groups to meet or wedding parties to use while getting ready for their big day. 


A kitchen will support Sunday morning coffee hours, movie nights, and other parish events. Our larger catering needs can be serviced from the kitchen on the lower level of the new building.


The stairwell in our current building will be replaced by an entrance hall that provides access to the sanctuary and main level bathrooms. An elevator will provide access to the upper and lower levels.

The Main Level




The Lower Level


The lower level of the building will have a commercial grade kitchen and pantry, clinic and office space, restrooms, and a multi-purpose space to accommodate the meals and support services provided by Care for Friends.

The Lower Level
Lower Level.jpg
The Upper Level


The upper level of the building will include classrooms for our weekly youth programs. This floor will also feature a small gathering space.


We hope to make a portion of this level available for weekday rental to an outside tenant.

The Upper Level
Floor 2.jpg
Life Under Construction


Construction will not begin until we have a financial plan in place that will allow us to complete the new building. When construction begins, we estimate it will take 18-24 months before the new space is complete.


During some phases of the work, we will need to function at a different location. We have been in discussion with Salvatore’s, a long-time neighborhood partner, as a likely temporary location of our Sunday worship services.


We are fortunate to have remodeled our rectory in 2011 for offices and small meeting spaces, which we will have access to throughout construction. We expect the rectory will serve as the temporary location for our Sunday School programs.


As we have throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue to provide remote worship options.

Life Under Construction
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