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For over 150 years, the parish hall at 530 W. Fullerton Parkway has been at the center of religious events, family celebrations, community activities, and more.

For decades, the people of Church of our Saviour have been talking about how to secure the future of its historic campus.  The community's mission and daily activities have long grown beyond what the builders designed this building for - and many parts of it not only show their wear, but have long passed their natural end of life. So, in 2012, a building plan for the next 150 years was developed, and fundraising began for a new building to be built on the site of our parish hall building.


Now - in partnership with Care For Friends and the Lincoln Park community, it is time for us to finish that work.

About the Project

Our new community center will replace the existing Parish Hall with an up-to-date, three story building that meets the needs of all of the various communities that call COS home.

It connects to our historic sanctuary in a way that is compliant with modern fire codes and is accessible to all, while leaving the historic beauty of this 150-year-old worship space unaltered.

See the plans for each community, room by room.

The Financial Plan

Over the years, there have been many variations of this plan considered, for various dollar amounts. 

We are excited to announce that Care For Friends is partnering with COS in the creation of this new Community Center.


With their support, COS has secured more than half of the funds needed to complete our entire vision.


 Read how we can close the rest of the gap together.

Questions and Answers

We know that you have lots of questions about the Community Center project.


There has been a lot of discussion over at least a decade for this project - so we've tried to assemble as many questions and answers to the current plan as we can in one place.


Have a question that's not answered? We've got a way to deal with that, too.  


This project will not happen without everyone's support.

First, it will require the explicit authorization by 2/3rds of our parish community to move forward - and we've created an online forum for you to provide that.

Also the Community Center project will require broad participation from our community - incorporating many gifts of many sizes - to finish securing the funding needed to break ground.