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Church of Our Saviour’s bylaws require 2/3rds of our active membership to approve the project before it can proceed.


Our bylaws state that Parishioners Qualified to Vote include: All baptized persons of the age of sixteen years and upwards, who regularly attend the public services of the Church in the Parish, and are recognized as members of the Parish by the Rector and at least one of the Wardens, or, if the Rector be not present, by the two Wardens, and whose names appear on the books of the Parish Treasurer as having contributed by pew rent, by pledge, by subscription or otherwise to the funds to meet the expenses or other obligations of the Parish during the six months immediately previous to the annual meeting of the Parish; and in addition declare their willingness to conform to the Doctrine, Discipline and Worship of the Church.


All Parishioners Qualified to Vote are invited to fill out the below form in order to cast their vote. Please contact the campaign with any questions or comments at


We ask that you please vote YES or NO in accordance with your agreement or disagreement with the following Resolution:


That Church of Our Saviour undertake a project to replace its parish hall with a new building, in which Care for Friends will receive an original 20-year lease, subject to renewal every 5 years for the next 30 years (whose terms will be negotiated and approved by the Vestry), and which may be financed in part by a mortgage or debt obligation not to exceed $2,000,000.

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